Serving the Humankind through Technologies
We develop prosthetic technologies transforming the market. Our goal is to help rehabilitate after amputation using technology. Solutions are available for those who have suffered amputation of the upper extremities. MaxBionic is a young company specializing in prosthetics that drastically transforms the market through its technologies. At present, one can choose from available products for use after upper limb amputation. Our task is to increase, by using the latest technologies, the rehabilitation efficiency in people after amputation.
A human hand is a complex instrument for performing both delicate work requiring precision in movement and hard manual labor requiring considerable physical efforts.
In 2015, the company MaxBionic developed a special program MeHand with the goal to create advanced assistive devices capable of restoring the lost functionality to the maximum extent possible.
MeHandS (Small) is a bioelectrical multi-grip hand module. Light-weight, strong, water- and dust-proof. The module design imitates the natural appearance of a human hand through various soft and stiff materials simulating muscles, tendons, joints, and bones.
MeHand Active
The prosthesis isused after hand amputation. Lightness, resistance, a reliable grip, and freedom of movement are key advantages of the MeHand Active prosthesis. This type of prostheses belongs to a new generation of adaptive mechanical prostheses.
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