MaxBionic was created in 2014 by Timur Sayfutdinov and Maxim Lyashko. The idea to create such a company occurred to Maxim Lyashko after an incident at his workplace where he lost his arm. MaxBionic adheres to the philosophy that modern bionic assistive devices are the future of the humankind, which must be affordable for each user.

All over the globe, the name "MaxBionic" is associated with high technologies because it was MaxBionic that made drastic changes in the prosthetics market by creating a new class of adaptive mechanical prostheses used in the case of partial excision. MaxBionic also made considerable alterations in the multi-grip bionic hand.

In MaxBionic, we are serving the humankind through technologies.

Contact us in any convenient way. We are always glad to new ideas and will answer your questions :
E-mail: Info@maxbionic.com
Address: Kievskoe highway 22 th km, BP Rumyantsevo